Grad School Toolkit by Toyin

Grad School Toolkit


Learn how to use Trello to organize and systemize your productivity in grad school.  Are you a grad student with too many responsibilities and not enough time to get everything done?  Are you tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all of the studying, researching, teaching, tutoring, and class prep everyday?  This video course will show you all the tips, tricks, and systems you need to feel less overwhelmed and more prepared in grad school.

What's included?

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Intro to Grad School Toolkit
1 min
Create a Trello Account
How to Save Trello Boards
2 mins
My Schedule
6 mins
Semester Goals
4 mins
Homework Workflow
7 mins
Job Applications
5 mins
My Classes
4 mins
My Degree
3 mins
4 mins
Study Workflow
2 mins

Helping graduate students in STEM with their teaching practices, job applications, and overall grad school survival skills.

I'm Toyin, a Grad School Coach and Virtual Mentor to graduate students in Math and other STEM fields.  In 2016, I got my PhD in Math and I want to help other grad students complete their degree and get an awesome job while still having a life of their own.