Job Application Crash Course by Toyin

Job Application Crash Course


In this crash course for graduate students applying for jobs in academia, you will 
  • Choose the type of jobs you want to apply for
  • Create a job search spreadsheet to stay organized
  • Write at least 2 different CVs
  • Write a teaching statement
  • Write 2 versions of your research statement
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Write cover letters
  • Apply for jobs

What's included?

Video Icon 2 videos File Icon 7 files Text Icon 9 text files


Getting Started
Research Types of Jobs
Choose the Jobs you Want
Letter Writers
Email Letter Writers
Job List Spreadsheet Template.xlsx
16.2 KB
Write your CV(s)
CV Training Video
14 mins
CV workbook
867 KB
How to Write a CV Blog Post
Write your Teaching Statement (Philosophy)
Teaching Statement Training
19 mins
[Blog Post] How to Write a Teaching Statement
Teaching Philosophy Workbook
1.66 MB
Teaching Statement Example 1
165 KB
Teaching Statement Example 2
253 KB
Write your Research Statement
How to Start Writing your Research Statement
Start Writing Your First Draft
Example of Research Statement Page 1 for Liberal Arts College
561 KB
Example of Research Statement Page 2 for Liberal Arts College
211 KB
Get Feedback from your Advisor

Helping graduate students in STEM with their teaching practices, job applications, and overall grad school survival skills.

I'm Toyin, a Grad School Coach and Virtual Mentor to graduate students in Math and other STEM fields.  In 2016, I got my PhD in Math and I want to help other grad students complete their degree and get an awesome job while still having a life of their own.